100 E. Broadway, Ste. D, Ashland Missouri 65010    

Phone: 800-450-1187     Fax: 573-657-1535

Email: tony.painter@lanit.com     Web: http://www.lanit.com

Lanit is an information technology company that provides managed, hosted and cloud services to businesses. They have been in the IT business for over 20 years and have mastered the art of making technology simple and easy to use as well as providing some of the best customer service in the industry.​ 

Tony states: "We moved our office to Ashland after being based in Columbia for over 20 years. Since we have been living in Ashland for several years, we know what a great community it is and finally decided to move our operations here."

"We are a cloud based company with our main technical operations based out of Kansas City and our support operations people are able to work from anywhere." Lanit Services customers are from different borders of the United States, including Maine, Oregon, Texas, and Minnesota. ​

Tony decided that Ashland's central location between  Columbia and Jefferson City was the perfect solution for decreasing commute time for employees and becoming more accessible to local customers. "After receiving a commitment from Socket Telecom to run fiber through Ashland and to our location, the decision became an absolute no-brainer."  

Lanit Services, LLC

​MEMBER SPOTLIGHT - October 2017

Business Biography

Above: Tony Painter, President of Lanit Services, LLC opened the Ashland branch in Janurary of 2017. 

Below: Sara Wilson, Administrative Assistant at Lanit in Ashland. 

“Simplicity, Reliability

and Performance”