DW Designs, LLC

DW Designs, LLC started as a freelance business when Ashland resident, Dusty Weter graduated from college with his Art degree in 2009 by providing design work including logos, print and web design to full  business identities.

Over the next few years, the business began to make a turn in service. Clients began contacting DW Designs for shirt designs more than anything else and it was clear where the business was headed.

In April of 2014, DW Designs, LLC was officially formed after purchasing the screen printing equipment and bringing Kelci (wife), Craig (father) and Phyllis (mother) on board to help with production and client contact.

Dusty gives credit where it is due: "All of our owners/partners also work full-time jobs... we work for DW Designs in our "free time."

Until recently, DW Designs has been a "basement business." In 2017, a shop was renovated and Dusty et al., are proud to call it DW Design's new home. ​​

12561 S. Hwy DD, Ashland Missouri 65010    

Phone: 573-823-9797    

Email: dw@dwdesignsllc.com     Web: http://www.dwdesignsllc.com

​Owner(s):  Dusty, Kelci, Craig & Phyllis Weter


Owner of DW Designs, LLC, Dusty Weter in the business' new home

on DD in Ashland.

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